Ballerina Jewelry Box…

I was a dancer. I’m sure I’ve talked about it before. I think about and dream about it a lot. I guess it will always be with me. I’m sure I will bore my children and grandchildren with “when i was a dancer” stories.

I used to have one of those jewelry boxes with the little dancer inside. You’d wind up the box and she’d twirl around and around. When the jewelry box started to get really old and the windy thing got in poor shape it would make a twanging sound every time you opened the box regardless if you wound it or not. Then I got a wooden jewelry box and tossed the ballerina one. At some point, I decided the wooden one just wasn’t big enough. My current jewelry box, is one of those ballerina jewelry boxes — I guess I’ve never totally grown up. However, somewhere along the line, the poor dancer got ripped out and there is a hole where she used to be.



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