the dead. the money.

I’m feeling, eh, welcomed to my 2nd tier of unemployment extended benefits. Lucky me. Unfortunately, they only extend so far. They are not going to last past April … then I will be completely fucked.

Poor me, the government doesn’t give a shit about me or anyone but themselves and their agenda… Let’s make art…

As I sat staring at the white sheet of paper in front of me, all I could picture was Johnathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors with all his Henry VIII bling on, strutting around like king shit, oh wait! he was. While times have changed, allegedly, don’t we still see those who have strutting around like the king shit wasting money on gas-guzzling SUV’s, several shiny sports cars, and living in homes that have more rooms than people to live in them? Spending hundreds of dollars on clothing and the like, while the have-nots are lucky their socks don’t have holes in them.

I ask you: Where is your money really going to get you, when it all comes down to it? Where is your ambition, greed, and mass consumption really going to get you? You can’t take it to the grave…



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