I haven’t posted in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy working on art. I’ve been doing it, thinking about it, thinking about teaching it, thinking about how it can be an income on a regular basis — this partially unemployed artist/grad student shit is well… shit.

On a happier note…here’s some work fresh from the sketch journal.. a new fresh sketchbook with handmade paper from Nepal (my gf only buys me the best sketchbooks):


I wasn’t feeling too proud of my country. I felt suffocated. I was annoyed by the sheer ignorance of some of its “legal” citizens. I started to feel like I was just this faceless thing, a body for the count. Did I even matter in the big picture?

for the ‘good little catholic’…

I was having a bad day, this is why the figure looks so miserable…



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