3-D Delight


photo of a tree at school


at India Point park, Providence, RI

I appreciate art in all its forms.. but 3-D art has never been my forte. As matter of fact, 3-D art has been my arch-nemesis. One can only imagine how overjoyed I was upon finding out that I had to take a class entitled 3-D synthesis.

At first, we started out with drawings, and photographs of parts of things we that we enjoyed looking at. Then, we took those drawings and photographs to our “studios” to create an imagined landscape. (Studio is a loose term for where I make art, if one considers the place they sleep, fuck and write their “studio”, then why yes this is my studio! ) After these drawings, we took parts of those drawings and made prototypes. This proved to be a trying project for me. I can’t seem to think in 3-D form, I came up with these cool sketches that I found incredibly difficult to come to life.

However, after two failed attempts, I managed to come up with two pieces that look like art, I’m kind of excited about them… especially after I spray painted them. (By the way always wear a mask when spray painting anything, paint fumes are clearly bad for you.)  The pieces are made from such fine materials as a magazine cover, watercolor paper, cut up boxes, the cardboard rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, the kind of wire you use to hang pictures, painter’s tape and a hot glue gun…




Here’s the other one that I did:





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