fun with dirt!

Being on unemployment has that one perk, a tuition waiver, at your choice of Rhode Island College, The University of Rhode Island or The Community College of Rhode Island. There’s only one catch, you have to pay any additional fees, only the tuition is covered. If you have the money to pay ridiculous fees—recreation fees, computer lab fees (when you took ceramics), the use of the art room fees, library use fees, and who knows, probably the use of public restroom fees—then your good. I paid for my fees ($132. No kidding) with my gallery sales from two different shows. Luckily I took ceramics and not a class that required a book.

My first project: a dwelling. I decided mine is possibly a replica of some ancient tribal dwelling:


The next two really didn’t come out all that great, I’m a bit disappointed in myself… so I didn’t bother to photograph them. But the third project was a vessel for the soul, I had fun with this one:


The images were photographed with my cellphone camera as I forgot my real camera at home. Also, I haven’t fired them, they are crazy thick and heavy and have taken forever in this heat for the clay to fully dry.


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