I’ve been somewhere between working hard and hardly working.  I’m sure I’m going to be working a lot as I decided to take advantage of my unemployment “benefits” and use the unemployment tuition waiver to take a summer class in ceramics. I haven’t taken a ceramics class since.. oh, the spring of 2000. I had a super fabulous ceramics professor named, Karen, at UMASS Dartmouth who wore Birkenstocks, dresses she had made herself, and the dashboard of her car was filled with little plastic toys (I kid you not, she had glued them to the dashboard). Sometimes in the back of my mind I can still see her in her Elvis patterned dress, cackling. I mean this all in a good nostalgic way…she’s one of the personalities from the school that I truly miss.

At least I’ve been keeping up with my sketch journal. Sometimes I wonder if its even helping me come up with ideas of just helping me do more sketches I will never use for anything…




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