Art is way more work than some people believe. I’m sure there are those that think us artists must be insane to charge $100, $200 or $20,000 on our work.. especially if it doesn’t look realistic. But I’m here to tell you, it is hard work. Actually creating something that doesn’t look realistic is more of a challenge, for me anyhow… I have to use that gray matter to come up with a concept and execute it in a way that at I, at least, don’t hate. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, the concept gets lost in translation. Sometimes I just put it aside and later say, ooh yeah, its not that bad. Case in point the piece, “dislocated” I almost painted over it. The person who just purchased it is probably glad that I did not.


Which brings me to my latest… eh, projects in art… I decided, to combine patterns, specifically vintage patterns, with the figure.. This combination would make the figure either, blend in with one’s surroundings and/or emerge out of one’s surroundings. I’ve done two… I may need to put them aside, and return to them in a month or so…



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