the chics in the window.

It started with one idea of a self-portrait of me standing in the window. I saw my reflection one evening in my kitchen window, the idea came to me, how I liked the way the window pane divided me in sections. I sketched it out.  The idea behind it being on the outside looking in or vice versa… that is why there is no background other than the window pane. It was  feelings of longing to be included, feelings of wanting to just be like everyone else, it was voyeurism, but not always of the sexual kind, it was years of loneliness — it was a damn lot for one 24″ x 32″ painting. Next thing I knew, I did two more!

I feel like they have also become me at different stages of life… as the last one is clearly a young girl while the others are clearly not.

p.s. the writing in the last one is supposed to be backwards:





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