working artist statement

I want to distance myself from being a “feminist artist” whose work is only feminism. Not that I don’t have strong feminist tendencies, but people have this not so great concept/preconceived notion of a feminist. And I feel it may be hurting my art career. I’m a liberal feminist meaning I like men, I don’t hate them and I see some of them as my equals and I expect the same treatment as an equal.  Anyways, back to my work: I think my work is broader, and has more depth than, what people will preconceive as “feminist art.”

so here goes:

Melanie’s work is a mixture of memory, emotion and identity. She uses herself, people in her life, and pop culture as inspiration. Like a visual journal, the image may be vague and surreal like a memory, or as strong and powerful as passion.

Furthermore, concepts of identity appear in Melanie’s work . Identity can be something such as one’s gender role, or their role as a figure in society. Furthermore, identity can be a role chosen, a role imposed by socialization, or by narrow-mindedness. These identities start when we are young, “what will you be when you grow up?” Or “you will be a __ when you grow up.” We incorporate these identities into fairytales or we see them in the role models that we follow—they shape us into the people that we are, or yet to become.

Melanie’s imagery takes its cues from childhood imagery, surrealism, graffiti and pop culture. Her work is personal, yet universal in its concepts.

Melanie has been exhibiting her work since 2001. She holds an associates degree in fine arts from the Community College of Rhode Island and a bachelors in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design/letterform from UMASS Dartmouth. Currently she is an artist member at Gallery X, a cooperative art gallery in New Bedford, and a contributing member of the Cocktail Club Podcast.


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