mini art (part 4)

I’ve been back and forth for most of the week… between taking showers at a relative’s or at my girlfriend’s place. Last night was the first night all week that I managed to get a decent night’s sleep (at my gf’s). Needless to say, I’m exhausted, the basement is still flooded, though less so than it was on Tuesday. And there’s still no heat in my house and won’t be until the swimming hole in my basement is cleaned up and we can assess the damage done to the furnace.

I don’t feel that I’ve managed to accomplish much of anything this week. I did refile with unemployment as I am not totally unemployed until further notice. Somehow, despite being completely unemployed I feel I’ve done a whole lot of nothing… its taken me two days just to upload the following images from my mini art series:




2 responses to “mini art (part 4)

  1. they’re worth the wait.
    cool sketches

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