mini art (part 3)

Work is flooded, you can see pictures/video of it here.. and here. It looks like those news coverage photos you see of disaster areas, like the mid-west or something, only its not the mid-west or something, its where I live. Since I don’t need to be at work, for several days at least, I have plenty of time to drink coffee, curse at my aching hip (from muscle spasms in my lower back) and the flooded roads that keep me from seeing my girlfriend who has heat and hot water. I’m already sick of asking people to use their shower and hate to ask to sleep on someone’s couch. Besides, my hip hurts too much to sleep on a couch. The basement water is finally getting pumped out… unfortunately that doesn’t help the furnace that now needs a new motor.

On a more pleasant note: here’s more from my mini art series— I did quite a few so I have plenty up for sale. They measure at 2″ x 3.5″ quite the artistic feat for someone who typically who has a hard time making anything smaller than 9″x12″:




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