mini art (part 2)

Due to the rain (and lots of it) I decided not to attend the artist trading card event in downtown providence. First off, I probably would’ve ended up taking several detours that possibly would’ve led to more detours and my Ford Taurus possibly being submerged in a gigantic puddle. It just didn’t seem worth it… besides I currently have no heat in my home so I had to take a shower at my aunt’s — my basement is flooded, the furnace and washing machine now need repair from the water damage (after we get the water out of the basement that is).

We’re on the Coventry Fire Department ‘list’ to be pumped out as there are no pumps to be found in area stores and the one person that has one, has lent it to another family member who is basically in the same boat.

I’ve decided what I should do is sell my business cards because I really need the money more than the shameless self-promotion the cards would’ve provided…





more cards are on the way…


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