I admit it, I love clothes. When I was in fourth grade I told everyone that I was going to be a fashion designer when I grew up. I outgrew the desire for my designs to be shown at fashion week, but I still have a love of clothes, and accessories—I’m not a big shoe person, its usually the last thing I think of. I have my favorites and they work well with everything I own. I hate high heels, they’re bad for your feet and typically hurt like hell unless their a wedge or have a low heel.

Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy, or even wealthy enough to buy an entire wardrobe every season when all the new and exciting things arrive in a department store or mall near you. That is where thrifts stores and the clearance aisles come in. The down side of thrifty fashion is there may not be your size or even another one there of that special piece that you like, so you have to go with the flow. Its like a mini adventure: go to the store and buy something that is $20 or under and doesn’t look it. $20-25 is my typical clothes budget when shopping, no joke, so obviously it may take some creativity to put together an outfit… this entire outfit cost roughly $32 dollars:


The skirt and shoes are from Savers about $15 between the two, the cardigan I found in the kid’s department (its an XL) at Target about $9, the t-shirt was last season’s on clearance for $2 at Old Navy, the belt was my Dad’s from the 60’s (I don’t think he plans on wearing it anymore), and the sweater thigh-highs were about $6 at Target.



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