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brought to you by Mr. Henry V. Miller in a letter to Anaïs Nin in a letter dated February 21, 1939:

When I say, as I often do, that my life since twenty-one up until recently was but a detour I mean that a large part of my efforts were wasted in an unacknowledged struggle to adapt myself to the world, the final adaptation masking itself as an effort to conquer or seduce the world through my creative powers as a writer. I should have been adapting myself to myself […]

By an unflinching regard for one’s self one gradually becomes so in harmony with the world tha the no longer has to think about his duty toward others… We imagine that that those who admire or love us do so because of our good qualities only. But more oftne than not the other person is fully aware of our frailties and is  more prepared for our misbehaviour than we ourselves are[…]


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