Lopped off (and a sneak peak)



Lopped Off
Tues Feb 16th from 5pm-7pm
Diego Rivera Gallery

This exhibition features work by more than 100 artists from 5 countries as well as a critical essay by artist and writer hannah piper burns.

“Lopped Off: Women Drawing Penises from Memory” is an exhibition and publication that seeks to articulate and complicate the representation of the penis in the hands and minds of women.

Rendering penises from memory, self-identified women participants from both art and non-art backgrounds created approximately 300 drawings (an estimated 4,440 square inches of disembodied penises) to wallpaper the gallery and fill the catalogue.

Working within a phallologocentric culture where the penis is typically depicted (by males) as unfailingly erect, virile, and desirable, “Lopped Off” attempts to create a “multi-phallused” space that not only permits but requires imagination, interpretation, authorship, reinvention, and play.


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