Opening Reception!

This is it, the moment has arrived… Sex at the X:our erotic show officially opened to the public on Wednesday and the opening reception is tomorrow night at Gallery X, located at 169 William St. New Bedford, MA from 7-10pm.

PhotobucketThe cold, and threat of snow will not stop me from being excited and happy and a bit proud of myself (and my helpers and Robert Seigelman) for getting the show put together.  Even the diagnosis of some weird fucking ailment, Raynauds to be exact. Its motto should be: Raynauds, your stuck with it… but Sex at X doesn’t happen every day, I’ll dress in layers and use my gf as a blanket. The only seemingly sexy part about my diagnosis is my ability, eh, necessity to wear gloves, gloves outdoors, gloves while indoors, right now… I’m rocking hello kitty fingerless ones that I made myself, seriously, who sells them at an affordable price? I’m going to need to wash these from time to time and $24 at Newbury Comics is a bit much for something I need more than one pair of.


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