thursday stuff

I finally got to check out the new restaurant at AS220 today. While I will sorely miss the place that was there prior, whose name I could never seem to get right in the first place Tiquera (?), well now the new place is just called “Food at As220.” I should be able to pronounce and remember the name. Though I have to admit, I used to call the old place “The Mexican restaurant at As220.”

I was a bit disappointed that the vegetarian version of the empandas was not available as anything involving sweet potatoes sounds good to me. I had to settle for the pulled pork with ginger, and squash emapanda – it wasn’t really settling, as I couldn’t decide anyhow, they made the decision easier. It was delicious. I’ve never had an empanda before, which is something I mentioned to my girlfriend as I was chowing down. I do plan on having them again. At $4, you could order all the ones on the menu simultaneously, if they are serving the carnivore and vegetarian versions on that day.

Also, in case you haven’t heard…. Gallery X is having a raffle:

We’re seeking donation for our 20th Gallery X Raffle  and Auction Gala
Saturday, Nov. 28, 7pm
Fundraising fun to benefit Gallery X!
for info:
Preview of items up for raffle begins on November 18th!


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