time and other things that escape me…

PhotobucketWe all experience a semblance of the same experiences… we all think ( in some way) : “how the hell, can I make there be more time when time seems to slip away?!” I was just thinking about this the other day in my short period of  time date with my girlfriend and balancing it with racing off to work and oh! there’s always eating, sleeping and fucking to schedule in. Fucking shouldn’t be a scheduled event! I’m not certain eating and sleeping should be either, they should just exist. I wish life could just flow, but it all goes by so so quickly. I don’t want to end up like my Mom: a slave to the clock and passed out at the end of the day because she scheduled herself into exhaustion. Its not mindful or sane.

And it brings me to Amanda Palmer’s blog which is the very idea I got from today’s (or maybe several days ago?) blog. The work/life balance – its like juggling knifes sometimes. Its like my painting ‘delicate cutter,’ maybe that guy who bought it (the second version of it) was right – his interpretation of how it reminded him of his wife juggling her life…there are those days where I long for a nice cabin/commune in Canada where all I concern myself with is friends, family, breathing, eating, sleeping, fucking and art.


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