thought machine…

I revised my proposal.. then, I wrote an entirely new one for another concept. So either I should propose both (which I don’t think the art space would approve of) or I should find a second place to propose to. I think it still needs work and I don’t have a single sketch for it which is okay since they prefer a site specific proposal:

No one wants to hear the words “no.” No one wants to be rejected. Its human nature to wish to be accepted in social circles, romantic relationships, and one’s career.

I wish to explore my own feelings towards rejection: the hurt, pain, fear, and anxiety. Presenting my diary entries about being rejected. I’d like to use the written word and images to make a very private thing, very public. I think rejection is a universal feeling, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

I typically work with self-portraiture, though many times I use myself or those in my life as a ‘jumping off’ point and not the direct subject.

I’d like this piece (or pieces) to be large scale. Most of my current paintings are large scale, the average size being approximately 24″ x 36.” Since I have an entire space to work with, I’d like to try to make my work even bigger.


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