oops no title!

My day has been one of those days in which I needed to console myself with listening to the entire two cd collection of Throwing Muses “in a Doghouse,” I was starting to think I need to just listen to their library in its entirety to feel more elated, or just giggle a bit at least. Amongst other things, I got rejected from an art space that I was hoping against hope to get into as I kind of spent money I shouldn’t on the entry fee. Consider it my contribution to the art world when the art world doesn’t always contribute to me. I was kind of getting on my high horse on my way home from work… thinking I AM good enough and why doesn’t anyone see it?! And about how it seems like the more original you are as a creative person, the less you are accepted and the harder it is for you. Its like that episode of that Project Runway wanna-be show with Tommy Hilfiger; one of the contestants claimed that she didn’t chose another contestant for her ‘team’ because the person seemed ‘too different.’

I was ready to tuck it in with my Buffy dvd, some chocolate zucchini bread made by my Méme and some hot cocoa when I opened an email from Bridgewater Art & Custom Framing in MA, who accepted one of my pieces to exhibit… now I have to buy ink for my printer so I can print out the contract and that proposal I was working on that may or may not change concepts.


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