in the spirit of Halloween…

PhotobucketI’ve working furiously on sketches for the Lizzie Borden show at Gallery X as well as sewing a very much involved “Queen of Hearts” costume. The costume still needs work and I may need gloves, ladies back then wore gloves. However, the skirt is currently my nemesis.. three layers of skirted craziness.. I’m going to be wearing so many clothes! I hope its not 80 degrees on Halloween. Thankfully, I live in New England and there’s only a small chance of that happening.

On a good note, I’ve finished my Lizzie Borden piece, the biggest obstacle was finding a cutting board at a local thrift store. Any other time, I would’ve found seven, this time it took me almost two months to find one. I was ready to give up and use one of the dozens of wooden boxes one can find at any given thrift store. I was going to call it “Lizzie’s Box,” kind of borrowing the Throwing Muses song tittle “Vicky’s Box.” …because hey, sometimes art imitates life and sometimes art imitates art. True, the song has nothing to do with Lizzie Borden, it just popped into my head when I was sketching the box. The box that didn’t happen, because I found a cutting board, so all is well and no possible law suit will ensue.


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