for the love of music…

I got this fun little thing from a friend on facebook… allegedly I was to list 50 artists or bands (or as many as I could remember) that I’ve seen in concert.  Oh, and list the first concert I’ve ever been to.. let the shame and pride commence…

1. First concert: bon jovi
2. skid row
3. poison
4. warrant
5. Robert Plant
6. Nalle
7. The Street Dogs (at the green room! no less)
4. Throwing Muses
5. Kristin Hersh 2x (minus and with some of the Muses)
6. Justin Timberlake
7. Pink
8. Damien Rice
9. Fiona (crap)Apple
10. Jewel
11. Heather Rose (played at my art exhibit)
12. Heather Rose and the Drama
13. Katura at the Greenwich Hotel! (I think I mispelled her name)
14. Serious Fierce (which is really just Heather Rose and Katura)
15. the Douchbags
16. Bjork
17. David Bowie
18. Macy Grey (opened for Bowie)
19. Tori Amos
20. Van Halen
21. Reason to Fight (a bazillion times)
22. the Amaaaaazing (royal) Crowns! 3x
23. Weetus (the band that sung “teenage dirtbag opened for the AC)
24. The Dandywarhols (sucked before AC)
25. The Agents (opened for AC)
26. Vic Chestnut (w/Kristin Hersh)
27. Toby Lightman (opened for Jewel)
28. PJ Harvey
29. Chris Rosequest 3 or 4x(played at my art exhibit)
30. Beck Chase 3 or 4x
31. Stained (before anyone gave a crap who they were)
32. Kilgore Smudge 2x (who changed their name to Smudge or Kilgore or something then broke up.)
33. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (opened for bjork)
34. Alannah Myles (opened for Robert Plant)
35. Sinead O’Connor
36. LLove
37. Case Closed (a bazillion times before they broke up and changed band members and renamed themselves)
38. For What its Worth (a bazillion times)

…then, I got out my concert tickets stubs to remember who I had seen…

39. Heart 2x (at the Mohegan Sun because they rock!)
40. Sick Sense (a bazillion times)
41. Kiss w/make-up!
42. Def Leppard
43. Whitesnake
44. Aerosmith
45. the dancing dogs
46. 25 to Life
47.  Candace Brooks Band

and I honestly can’t recall anyone else’s name, I’ve seen more than this, such as, the punk band with the French drummer who was old enough to be my day and flirting with me… or the punk band where the drummer hugged Sharon and I and thanked us for coming. Allegedly drummers like me.

Bands I’d like to see (as I just seen one on MFR that made me sad I don’t live closer and lack a time machine): Sonic Youth, The Breeders, The B52’s, The Gay Blades (because their daytrotter session was so impressive) Tanya Donelly, 50FootWave and The Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer


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