My Maudlin Monday…

you will believe • 2009 • mixed media

you will believe • 2009 • mixed media

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all,
there is only the meaning we each give to our life,
an individual meaning, an individual plot,
like an individual novel, a book for each person. – Anais Nin


Maybe I just had a bad case of the Mondays… maybe I was feeling frustrated over the fact that my cellphone is kicking the bucket right along with my bank account, love life and perhaps art career… Maybe I was upset because some asshole hit and subsequently killed, the stray kitten I was feeding (okay that does technically make the kitten mine).. whatever it was that had me feeling like crap, I made some art and a playlist. I call the collage, you will believe made from a picture from a magazine of “Edie” Beale, handmade paper (that I made with my bare hands) and a psychic business card I found on my windshield one day. And, my playlist is called,  My Maudlin Monday now available for previewing on lastfm!

its on shuffle so there’s really no rhyme or reason to the numbering system:

1. Fate to Fatal – The Breeders

2. Baggage – L7

3. Black Rainbow – St. Vincent

4. Bruises – Chairlift

5. Headache – Frank Black

6. Dammit – The Kelley Deal 6000

7. Don’t Call Home – The Breeders

8. Doubtful Comforts – Blue Roses

9. Freak Out – My Brightest Diamond

10.  Hate – The Dresden Dolls

11. I just Wanna Get Along – The Breeders

12. I Quit – The Jealous Girlfriends

13. I’ve Been Tired – The Pixies

14. Leeds United (Lounge Version) – Amanda Palmer

15.  Life Being What it Is – Kaki King

16. Middle Cyclone – Neko Case

17. Crooked – Kristin Hersh

18. My Maudlin Career – Camera Obscura

19. No Time. No Hope – Times New Viking

20. Nothing Ever Happened – Deerhunter

21. Panic – The Smiths

22. People Got a Lotta Nerve – Neko Case

23. Poor Wayfaring Stranger – Kristin Hersh

24. Save Me From What I Want – St. Vincent

25. Trash – New York Dolls

26. Two Times Blue – Debbie Harry

27. Your Downtime is Up – Birds of Avalon


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