Recession and Greed.

I’d like to take a moment to bitch about the economy like an old lady sitting outside with her fellow crones sipping our tea…

Lately, reading or watching the news makes me want to bitch slap the government who raised the gas tax in Rhode Island so that we’ll have to pay more to drive to our crappy jobs and spend less on things that would help businesses and hence the economy. Also, RI is now also taxing online sales – just screwing everyone even more. How is anyone to succeed? Especially small businesses who usually have thier businesses online. Don’t the suits who come up with these “brilliant plans” even stop and think of their consequences?! I also hear they want to charge a tax on medical marijuana. I just have no words for charging sick people a $35 tax which they are referring to as the “sin tax.”

And to further screw more people – maybe that is what the government’s plan is not to get us out of the recession but to keep the poor poor and the rich rich, like a caste system. Newport want to charge even more to go over their bridge. Yeah, why don’t we screw ourselves on our tourism industry while we’re at it! good job Newport! I told Mom I’d drive through Fall River first – she said, “you may as well just pay the toll.” I said, ‘I want to stick it to the man!”

On the same subject, I’d like to point to exhibit A) located on the RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority website. Here’s a quote from their blog about the sucess of the EZ Pass.

“There are now over 40,000 E-ZPass transponders in the hands of over 27,000 customers. This high adoption rate has made E-ZPass the primary method of payment on the Newport/Pell Bridge, with over two-thirds of all trips across the bridge paid for with E-ZPass. These numbers have far exceeded our expectations, which were originally to reach 25,000 users in two years! Thanks to everyone for helping to make E-ZPass such a big success.”

Prepaid Tolls. You must maintain a Prepaid Toll amount (minimum of $25) with us to cover applicable toll charges. Tolls are deducted from your account each time your transponder is used. We will also deduct applicable administrative fees incurred under this agreement.

Transponder Purchase. At the time you establish your E-ZPass account, you must purchase your E-ZPass transponders at the following rates: Interior $20.95 or Exterior / Roof Mounts $33.04.

Doesn’t this make you want to pay more?


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