linking mania!

Interesting article on Gendertopia After School Program Gives Insight Into Gender Expression

And now I can officially watch bits and pieces of All Tomorrow’s Party! Which in my case seems more like “party I didn’t attend” because I lack a passport – I should get one of those, so that I can leave the country on a whim, to see a cool shows for instance, as nothing that monumental seems to happen here in New England…

The Breeders here are playing one of my favorites “Happiness is a warm gun.” By the way, Lovin’ Kim’s dyke haircut.. hey a gal can only hope right?

And Throwing Muses playing “Speed and Sleep.” Better quality than most, well, most on YouTube …which isn’t saying much because the camera at certain points is all over the place, like the back of people’s heads and such.

This one here also of Throwing Muses, its probably good to watch if you a happen to be high or drunk: its a little blurry, the camera is all over the f’n place, and makes me dizzy to watch it…


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