living vicariously through others…

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to England last month to see All Tomorrow’s Party’s (Partys?) curated by the Breeders – one of my favorite bands ever, since I was 15 or so. I’ve also never, ever, ever, ever seen them in concert – unless you count me seeing them play on the MTV New Year’s Special in the 90’s which I watched from my aunt and uncle’s living room. And I admit, I watched it twice. So now, I’m once again living vicariously through through others, or in this case via a few links from 4AD as I could not be there to see one of my favorites bands along with one of my other favorites, Throwing Muses. Breaks my heart. So yeah, they’ve posted some fabulous links to pictures of the show so you can stare longingly at the bands you missed! Though maybe that’s just me… I really need a girlfriend.

The ones here of the Throwing Muses are the best! Kristin Hersh’s face in some of them is absolutely priceless… others she looks just plain adorable. Also, there are clearly not enough pictures of the Breeders on the links posted… there’s a few here, someone needs to tell them to be less camera shy.


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