Blogging for Truth.

“…the court upheld Proposition 8, keeping in place the constitutional ban on marriage equality in the Golden State. As for the thousands of couples married last year before Prop 8 passed, they will remain married in the eyes of the law.”Human Rights Campaign


I suppose the righteous right would love to call me depraved. In the 1950’s they would’ve told me that I can again be “straight,” much like in the movie “but I’m a Cheerleader.” They may have sent me to some sort of pseudo-scientist to cure me of what allegedly ails me.  That alleged ailment being that I am bisexual. I don’t have an ailment, I’m not going through a phase… its a part of me. I won’t try to change it. I will love who I love. And I will fight for the same rights as everyone else to live as I chose, to love whom I chose, to marry and have children with whom I chose.  The righteous right winged may call my desires a threat to the sanctity of marriage. I would tell them to check the divorce rates and the amount of people cheating on their spouses. Then, tell me about your “sanctity of marriage” and marriage being defined as “one man to one woman.”

While we are talking about the privilege of being married, I’d like to ask those that so adamantly are against anyone but heterosexuals marrying, what is it to them? How truly would it affect your day if any adult could marry who they damn well choose? Its not like we’re going to be throwing a big gay wedding on your front lawn. How would they like it if the government didn’t acknowledging their spouse as their spouse? Meaning there are a laundry list of things that you will no longer be privy to, such as getting benefits of said spouse, even if they die. Speaking of tragedies, if your partner ends up in a hospital that doesn’t bother to recognize you as a couple because you are not “married” in the eyes of the law, you may not be visiting your loved one without permission of their family, if your lucky.

I don’t understand anyone who could look themselves in the mirror knowing full-well that they are preventing people from their rights as American Citizens, just because. You disgust me, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Though I know your pretty damn proud of yourselves. You know, Pride is a sin according to your almighty jesus who you claim this is all about…

But please don’t put god or jesus into this, because you know what? I went to Catechism classes from grades 1-12. I had the jesus stories force fed down my throat and the ten commandments every single year, along with the holy this, that and the other thing. And at no point during all the years I was forced to the jesus classes did they ever mention that one should treat someone like less of a person, because they were of a different race, religion, or sexual orientation. Maybe my Catechism was different but, I do believe the Christian religion taught me to be tolerant, loving, honest, and to treat everyone as equals. So there goes your theory that “God doesn’t like gays.”

My ex-girlfriend didn’t like holding my hand in public. I believe it was a combination of fear of being seen as gay, and the fact that her family didn’t like the fact that she was dating a woman. Guilt and fear. I’m sure there are plenty who have or are in this predicament. This is no way to live, in fear of showing the world who you love. Like rebels of past who stood against opposition, I will protest, I will stand up on my soapbox, blog, or my own front lawn and proclaim that we deserve equal rights! You can curse us, invoke the name of your god, but you won’t beat us down because we aren’t going away!


interesting and helpful links:

article from USA today “Women’s bisexuality an ‘identity,’ not phase”:


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