Sizing it up.

Read an interesting diatribe on the Bust website…an alleged ‘plus sized model’ got into a big time Australian magazine (Harper’s Bazaar), good for her! The photos are here. She’s quite lovely. But I love, and how they even point out, how ‘plus sized models’ are like a sideshow (this particular lady was just in a fashion spread, not labeled as such). “Come see the girl who weighs more than 100lbs!” Its funny how bloggers and women’s magazines will always point out the beauty in curves and then show almost exclusively size 2 models in their fashion spreads…put your money where your mouth is and stop making me feel guilty for being the shape I am! because, oh yeah, they went there! You wouldn’t do this to say, Beth Ditto. You’d be an asshole. I practice yoga/pilates almost every day – I’m in good shape. I do it to stay healthy: body and mind. I like curves as much as the next girl, but they should be celebrating all women not pointing out, “hey look at this size 12 girl, good for her,” and then putting down someone who is smaller for being so. That is the very thinking that inspired my piece “Woman” to be specific it was some asshole on Stereogum who said all derby girls are ‘fat.’

But I digress… what’s crazy is this alleged ‘plus sized model’ is a size 12. Well, if we want to get technical about things, I sometimes wear a size 12 dress, coat and/or shirt depending on how they run.. does that make me ‘plus sized’ to the fashion industry? And I hate to disappoint the nice lady who wrote this blog pointing out the size and measurements of this model, but many fashion designers do not adhere to the size standards that were, well, standard in say 1975. They kind of make their own rules now, negating anything to do with what clothing size a woman is. No one is a true size anything. Just because your a size 12 at the GAP doesn’t mean your a size 12 at say, Target.. it could be bigger, it could be smaller.

I feel like we should be focusing on the achievements of women and not what alleged clothing size they wear. We should be celebrating and representing (like Harper’s Bazaar) all women minus a label. The day we do without labeling will be a glorious day indeed.


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