business and misogyny: brought to you by…

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve started my business card from scratch and decided to get rid of my infamous stick figure girl.. of course now I’ve come up with two different designs and decided to actually keep both as the only difference between the two is the picture I used, so now I have two different cards in a sense. Of course the final product could use some tweaking as I’m using photoshop to design a business card and photoshop isn’t always the best program to use for layouts, but you work with what you have.




also I read on about what I feel is just affirming my belief that macs are cooler than pc’s. Allegedly Dell now has a nifty website for us women-folk specifically, because as some have pointed out, we clearly need a penis to understand those new computer thingys. They show an add on the Bust site which is completely ridiculous.


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