designing… music.. and such.

I was putting together stuff for the URI exhibit, in which I have to drop off on Monday, to discover that the original file for my business card is MIA. I have a flattened version in photoshop which doesn’t help me change that one line in which my  (soon to be no more) website appears. So its redesigning. I thought maybe I should put something more current than the stick figure girl that was designed specifically for the card, only to think about it while practicing yoga – I wasn’t being totally mindful I will admit – I decided to keep the stick figure because if I use a current piece of art, I’ll end up changing my card like every 6 weeks, like my website.


today got my stereogum drop from it was the new Juliana Hatfield… why do all her songs just suck lately? True it was a free song, I shouldn’t complain, I used to like her music.. its a song about Lindsy Lohan. She makes a valid point about females in the spotlight having more pressure put upon them.

When I went to the stereogum website I discovered Vivian Girls has a new 7″ out, unfortunately, I can only get it through their UK label and with shipping this two song 7″ would cost me $12 in USD… I can’t decide if love them enough for this. There’s a video for their song, “moped girl” its pretty funny.

also this Saturday, Gallery X is having an opening! and I have two pieces in the show. I am so looking forward to having a fun night out.. and showing my work to boot!


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