Capital “P”

Providence (RI) has come up with a new slogan “Creative Capital,” which the Providence Journal seems slightly critical of because, the city of Providence outsourced the job to a firm in Tennessee to come up with not only the slogan, but also the logo design concept. However, they were nice enough to pass on the logo design concept to a firm in Pawtucket. This same firm out of Tennessee has allegedly come up with other great slogans for other cities… at least we weren’t Dayton, OH that got “Originals Wanted.” That one cracked me up. One critic of the “Creative Captital” campaign thought it just plain sad that the city had to outsource to Tennessee to come up with a slogan/design concept to show how creative and artistic our city is. However, I am for canning the “Reniannce City” slogan and showing everyone what great talent RI has… but

The logo design is also a bit questionable. The ‘logo’ is an orange capital “P” In a fun side note I used to refer to the Nine Inch Nails song “Capital G” as “Capital P.” Back to the logo in question. The “P” has according to the design firm, has unique serifs not found in typography: it has a serif at the top of the letter that points backwards, to symbolize the past. And only a part of a serif on the bottom, pointing forward to symbolize the future. Yeah, pretty much no one outside the AIGA (American Graphic Design Institute) is going to get it… or maybe even care. The president of the local chapter of the AIGA is shitting himself over the orange “P” because it can be blown up, scaled down, put on stationary, a tramp stamp, ect and still keeps its design aesthetic! Then again, its not like the local chapter of the AIGA is going to say anything bad about other local designers, they’re probably all friends! The only thing is.. the minute I seen the picture of the capital “P”, I thought, isn’t that an existing font? You can’t fool me on fonts, I once had a job in which I had to recreate alot of menus and in recreating them, I needed to know my fonts. Also, I had this crazy typography professor at UMASS, named Laura, who made us study and take a test on determining which font was which. And yet, I’ve never made much of a living as a graphic designer, because only the AIGA or other designers care about this shit. Though, I do wish I still had that book Howard Glasser at UMASS made us buy (that I sold to Cellar Books), that had a half a zillion examples of fonts in it, so much easier than sitting at my computer with the picture going through all the fonts on the computer. I’ve narrowed it down. Its funny because the first thing I said aloud was, “wow a capital “P” to symbolize our Creative Captial, they may as well have Helvetica as the font!” and they did. I swear its Helvetica bold or at least based on it, with two serifs added, which one can simply do in Adobe Illustrator. Shit, why did I quit being a designer?! I could’ve gotten $30,000 (to date) to design a “P!”

the orange “P”
the font Helvetica at 144 point


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