Art Happenings…

Celebrated St. Patty’s at As220… drank that Guiness I had been dreaming about with my some friends served up by an attractive bartender… mingled… people watched… listened to part of a set of some noise/punk type band. They seemed to be going for a New Times Viking or Sonic Youth sound, with some practice they could be pretty good. Later, I looked at some art, they have a good show going on in the main gallery of all these urban landscape type paintings of some interesting buildings that are scattered throughout Providence. I liked the colors/texture. Unfortunately, I forget the artist’s name. The cafe area has a Jenine Bressner piece hanging in the window, its pretty interesting… there were people sitting at the table underneath it so it seemed weird to sit there and look at the art over their heads. I have one of Jenine Bressner’s necklaces that I purchased years ago at a RISD alumni sale…

Last night I headed out to go to Gallery Night only to realize I had seen most of the exhibits already… though I hadn’t seen the one at Gallery Z. So Gallery Z it was! There’s an abstract art show going on. I was more impressed with this one than the erotic art show they had last month. The erotic show was good, but I believe this one is stronger. There are some exceptional pieces/artists in this one. I fell in love, love, love, with Michael Bryce’s three pieces made from dvd covers and what I presume was eight hundred tubes of paint to get that much texture… in rainbow colors! I went back to drool over them a few times before I left. Also, one of my local fav’s, Astrid, had some lovely little drawings in the show. Astrid never fails to amazement with such simple, yet powerful, beautiful works.

I left happy with all my visual stimuli to think of while walking several blocks to my car because there is never any parking on Federal Hill. It was good walking weather, not too hot, not too cold.


4 responses to “Art Happenings…

  1. Must have just missed ya!

  2. Must have just missed ya!

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