love and money making the world go ’round.

This is the highlight of my day, an itunes playlist, I’ve entitled it “love sucks”…

1. headache – frank black
2. 0 shot – the gay blades
3. half blast – kristin hersh
4. mean muses – the gay blades (I just thought KH and this song were funny next to each other)
5. I want the one I can’t have – the smiths
6. lust to love – the go-go’s
7. freak out – my brightest diamond
8. down in a well – the pixies
9. don’t stop believn’ – marnie stern
10. inside a boy – my brightest diamond
11. aly, walk with me – the raveonettes
12. here is the news – au revoir simone
13. i’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance – black kids
14. so sad about us – the breeders
15. dammit – the kelley deal 6000 (I think her band name sounds like a sci-fi movie, like maybe there are kelley deal robots taking over earth)
16. here & now – letters to cleo
17. rape me – nirvana


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