Dressing to the beat of the dollar

I walk down the streets of Providence, I pass a guy in a sweatshirt with cowboy boots over his way too tight pants. I see a girl at the coffee shop in a turquoise jacket, purple tights, purple dress. We are assaulted with images of others perception of self through clothing. Some say women are the only ones obsessed with it, I know differently. I think of it as an expression of ones’ personality.

I love clothes, I love making my own, I love not looking like everyone else and having someone commend my fashion sense. Knowing full well, they themselves won’t ever be wearing the same outfit because I bought it second hand or made it. Okay sometimes I buy clothes, at real stores not just second hand. I indulge in Charlotte Russe or Target or some other anti-christ, consumerist store at the mall. I try to keep those purchases to a minimum, what with my minimum pay as a female artist (I won’t even go down that road right now).

I remember when I was younger just ogling fashion spreads in Vogue or watching the show “House of Style” on MTV. (I so love you Told Olman! and I want all your clothes!) My parents couldn’t afford to buy me anything more expensive or couture than what was available through the JCPenny catolgue. I made do. Though, I dreamt of the day I could own something that looked haute couture… or at least something that looked half as cool as what my favorite musicians were wearing. Given some of bands I listen to, they probably shop the same places I do.

When Kim Gordon came out with X-Girl, holy crap! I wanted it all – the whole line! They featured it on “House of Style.” I totally wanted to be the first girl in school wearing something from this collection that was clearly not available in any store on the mall where my parents bought my clothes, nor was it available in Salvation Army. So I was S.O.L. Some stuck-up, girl in my art class ended up being the first to wear the almighty “X-Girl” t-shirt along with Doc Martins that my parents wouldn’t buy me. I still don’t own any, I bought my army boots at Aldo for half the price, so there!

Today, I went pursuing my favorite local thrift store, and came home to find an article on the internets: Kim Gordon coming out with a new fashion line … and where can you get it?! oh the irony! Fucking Urban Outfitters! Sure they have cute stuff, if I won the lottery, or was completely stupid with my money. The only thing I can afford there is maybe some socks and lipgloss. Hey, in this economy, I guess we all have to pay the bills somehow… if selling your designs to an over-priced store that most of your fans couldn’t dream of affording unless their parents or they are loaded… then so be it. Its the end punk kids.


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