Calling in Gay

I awake this morning to the DJ’s on HJY talking about how today is “national call in gay day” fuck, I totally forgot about it! And I can’t call in, well I could but I’d lose my job not for being gay but for calling in minus getting a replacement to work for me. This is a great concept for people who can afford to do so – I took one for the team a long time ago when I got fired for telling the assistant manager at a local restaurant that I wouldn’t go out with him because I preferred women. Also I prefer men who are not womanizers or who will go after anything with a vagina and breasts – I didn’t tell him that – but that is what he was. At the time that is how I felt, I wanted to be with a woman. Now, I want to be with someone who rocks my world… “I’m holding out for a spaceman…” to quote Belly.


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