Exceeding expectations (years after the fact.)

In talking about music, someone asked me how I liked “Trompe le Mode” (the Pixies). I blanked out, as I only just listened to it the other day for the first time. I’ve been listening to a shitload of new/old music as of late. Like the entire Pixies musical experience. There was only one way to refresh my memory… I put it on, got out a painting I needed to start along with a nice hot cup of coffee and away I went on my musical journey!

An angry rhythmic sound scape… rough yet soothing that devil inside me…

When I heard that it was a concept album, I thought, “bleck.” For some reason I thought about that Queensryche tiresome box-set, concept thing they had put out – of course I had bought it back in the day. And subsequently, sold it to Newbury Comics a few years later. But no, “Trompe le Mode” is not cheesy or tiresome – hey thanks for exceeding my expectations years after the fact! I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes!

Every time I listen to a Pixies cd in its entirety I hear: Throwing Muses inspiration, a dash of 80s, 70s sprinkling – perhaps a timelessness is more the thing to say? with something else – personal style?

I listened, danced, I took notes in between attacking my canvas with oil pastels – you know its quality when I dance and make art.


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