unemployment and art.

I got my last unemployment installment, now I get to file for extended benefits, weeee! As I hung up the phone I said, “Thanks America!” here’s your American dream. I have a bachelors degree, true its in fine arts but it was a concentration in graphic design/typography. I should’ve landed a few poorly paid, boring layout type jobs but not even that! As a graphic designer I am, much like my paintings overlooked for someone else…. I hate to say it, but I’ve probably not gotten jobs because of some guy who could do the job, not necessarily better.. its a male dominated field. Its a boy’s club.

It cracks me up when I read things about gender and socialization and they always claim that the ‘arts’ are mainly a ‘female’ thing, clearly they didn’t do too much of a study. Try to name off 5 female graphic designers that are famous for graphic design. Zuzanna Licko, if the name doesn’t strike you perhaps the magazine, Emigre, will, she’s the co-founder of it with husband, Rudy Vanderlands. The other famous female graphic designer I can think of off the top of my head is, April Greiman. And of the two woman, I only like one: Zuzanna Licko.

Its like trying to name 5 female rock musicians that radio stations regularly play on a daily basis … if it were a drinking game no one everyone could still safely drive home later.


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