I went to the library today as I have little money for gas or fun. I took out season 2 of Alias and while pulling out of the parking lot, I looked across the street at my old elementary school. Its transformed a bit since I was there. They made a parking lot out of part of what was once the playground. I suppose there’s still all that land that was in the back. When I was there one grade would go in the front yard to have recess while another grade was out back. I believe the older kids were the ones that got recess in the front yard. Now, I don’t think the kids play out front anymore. For one thing, I think its just offices now and not a school. There used to be this little hiding spot where the lilacs grow. Right under the lilac bushes was a bit of a clearing so you could sit there in the clearing and hang out with your friends, well maybe one or two, it wasn’t that big. Its still there, the kids clearly are not playing in it anymore. Kristin what’s-her-name once gave me lilacs in third grade. Erin, my then best friend, was doing her usual crappy friend routine that would continue until high school when I stopped hanging out with her. This time she insisted I make new friends and wouldn’t talk to me until I did so. I never understood her point in doing this other than to make me cry. So anyhow, I found Kristin and Christina hiding in the lilac bushes. They had lilacs in their hair. I told them what was going on and why I was in tears. Kristin handed me a lilac and said, “Melanie, I’ll be your friend.” I can’t even recall what happened after that. I still talked to her until she moved away, we didn’t hang out that much. She was always nice to me.

She was the first person, to ever give me flowers, even if it was only out of friendship. The list is rather short, but she was the first. I think I had once seen her working as a waitress at the 99 restaurant… she still had that certain something about her.


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