art and mass production.

I admit it, I buy clothes at the GAP. Their pants are actually long enough for my legs, I have to wear somewhere between a 32″ or 34″ inseam (I prefer the later) which is a bitch to find in a waist size between a 2 and a 4 (depending on how said pants run). And I also like their bras. They fit, they put them on sale, sometimes you can pick up a good bra for $10 – where can you do that?

I just happen to be on their site as I have this wedding to attend and wondered to myself if maybe there were any cute dresses… and I stumbled upon the GAP’s latest venture: artist t-shirts… in what seems like a complete oxymoron, a retail fashion chain store and art. Though fashion is an art form.. but its still weird… The GAP has teemed up with the Whitney of all places. As far as I can tell the money from the profits are not profiting anything but the GAP and/or the Whitney. and of course they are all famous artists whose art, the working class that may or may not shop at the GAP could not afford, so I suppose a mass-produced t-shirt is the next best thing?


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